Hi to LEEDUsers, 

I would like to ask for a help with rating system selection for a residential multifamily project. 

We have a mid-rise multifamily project located in Europe, currently considering whether to use LEEDv4.0 or v4.1. 

On the USGBC website (https://www.usgbc.org/articles/leed-v41-all-in%E2%80%94one-space-buildin...), under Residential BD+C, I've found that:

 •LEED v4.1 Residential BD+C Multifamily Homes and Multifamily Homes Core and Shell are now available for registration in LEED Online for all countries except the United States and Canada. Projects in the United States and Canada can continue to use the LEED v4 rating systems available to residential projects and substitute credits from LEED v4.1 Residential.
• With the release of the new multifamily options in LEED v4.1, Residential BD+C becomes the required rating system for all single family and multifamily projects. Residential projects using LEED v4.1 may not use LEED BD+C.

From this we interpret that for residential, the LEEDv4.0 is no more an option for projects located in Europe (i.e. it will not be possible to register residential under LEEDv4.0), and that LEEDv4.1 is now the only path for residential.   

Is our interpretation correct? 

With many thanks,