Dear All,

We’re currently trying to certify a project with the following characteristics:

  • the tenant pursuing certification occupies the vast majority of building area (100% of LEED CI certification boundary, > 90% of GFA);
  • the building (Office building) if fitted with a centralized HVAC system that produces and distributes hot and chilled water to all conditioned spaces;
  • the only tenant which is out of the scope of the certification is a small restaurant (< 10% of total GFA) which has its own electricity and gas supply but receives chilled and hot water (to feed an AHU) from the building’s thermal plant.

For the purposes of Option 1 (“Metering”), is it mandatory to install:

  1. electric meters for common areas which are included in the scope of LEED CI certification but are not tenancy areas (ex: reception, shower rooms, technical zones)?
  2. enthalpy meters for a tenant which is out of scope of the LEED CI certification boundary (restaurant’s AHU) but represents much less than 10% of total enthalpy?

Thanks in advance.