Hello good morming, I would like to discuss the following example: If the simulation result on building level is, that the end use of lighting is >10% and the end use of user equipment (computers e.g.) is also >10% but I have more than 10 offices in the building with floor lamps (so the end energy use for the two end use types together for each office would be <10%).​​

  1. Would it be allowed to meter lighting and user eqipment per office together (so I would have 1 meter for each office which meters the electricity used for the working task)?
  2. Floor Lamps have a plug. Do they count as lighting or as receptacle eqipment?

​Background of my question is, that the seperate metering of the receptacles for floor lamps and the receptacles for user equipment is really cost prohibitive. All offices have the same schedule, the same equipment. The HVAC eqipment will be definitely metered seperately.