Hello I am looking for guidance or experience in a phased construction on a Master Site. I have a Master Site in southern California has three Core & Shell projects on it. Lets call them Master Site 1 and Projects A, B & C. We are looking to include a building (Project D) that may be coming soon on the heals of this three Project construction on the master site but Proj. D could be delayed, this is unknown. We would like to include the site that will be around Project D. The site line drawn would be contiguous and is part of a science lab campus. Our concern is that GBCI review teams would create comments regarding the unknown space (Project D) if not constructed / completed with our other projects. It is just Cores & Shell so we should be able to supply simple footprint and site drawings but not a complete set of actual drawings for the project to be. Another big concern is; Will we be able to complete Certification for Projects A, B and C?? Master Site Prerequisites & Credits will be documentable for A,B,C, & D. all credits and Prerequisites will be documentable for A, B and C.