The following was a post by K Kraft on Jan 2, 2014 that did not receive a response - I would like to ask the same question as well as an additional question as follows:

Where does "normal support" begin and end, on a campus most everything is shared between multiple buildings. I ask specifically with regard to site lighting - if you have a Master Site, the individual LEED project boundaries could be pulled back to eliminate the need to include all of the shared site lighting and therefore benefit those individual projects. Where then is that site lighting energy picked up?

From K Kraft - "Hello. I have a follow-up question to Deborah's: Is it possible that an individual LEED project boundary associated with a Master Site is simply the building footprint? Also, since the parking spaces are allocated in the Master Site application, is it feasible that the number of parking spaces provided for building users be 0 on the individual project PI form? Or does this contradict the language in the 2010 AMGBC document (p.8) that states “LEED project boundary must include all land that is associated with and supports normal project operations...” Are parking spaces for employees of an office building considered to support normal project operations? Thank you for any guidance."

Thanks for a response to both questions.