We intend to certify an existing office building, which is going to be retrofitted with the following criteria:

-No intervention in the envelope
-Replacement of the HVAC (both production and distribution units) and lighting/electrical, when it's required in terms of regulation and efficiency.
-Retroffiting of the false ceilings and technical floors
-Retroffiting of the core services (bathrooms)
-The offices will be rented to different tenants, which are going to finish only the internal distribution.

We are wondering which certification standard is the more convenient: Major Renovation or Core and Shell.
According the the Rating system selection guidance, apparently, "Core and Shell" requires intervention in both the Shell and core installations. That would lead to "Major Renovation".
Is that right?

"LEED BD+C: Core and Shell Development. Buildings that are new construction or major renovation for the exterior shell and core mechanical, electrical, and plumbing units,..."

thanks for you feedback