Hi everyone, we are pursuing the LEED Core & Shell certification for a Campus Project. We received the preliminary design review for the projects inside the LEED Campus Boundary. The reviewers mentioned that we must also submit the credit compliance for the future expansion of an actual constructed project. This future expansion will be most probably be connected within the interiors to the first stage.

Initially the project future expansion was specified with one main entrance but at this moment the owner did not like to include this entrance and therefore we need to document the future expansion with the same entrance as the first stage.

1.We can use the same main entrance door? Even if the future expansion date of construction remain unknown in this moment and the main entrance is in another LEED Project Boundary (is planned that both projects will share the interiors in the future).

2.We are considering two LEED project boundaries, one for the first stage and another for the future expansion. What could be better for the project, maintain both project boundaries or merged them in one sigle LEED Project Boundary? We initially thought that the project could be leased to another tertiary but knowing that it is most likely to be leased for the first stage client what could be the best solution.

3. We think the solution is to maintain both project boundaries and explain the situation as a special circumnstance in the credit compliance narratives for the future expansion.

Thanks and greetings