Dear All,

We are currently working in a project of a new University Campus of Universidade Católica de Portugal, that will include two different buildings:

  1. school building (GFA = 30.500 m2);
  2. office building (GFA = 7.350 m2). This building will host the central services for all the school buildings and campus of Universidade Católica de Portugal (this entity has several other university campus).

Once the buildings will be located in a same site, we are pursuing LEED certification using Campus Approach.

In what relates with LTc7 Reduced Parking Footprint, the Parking Consultants Council has a recommendation for university / college. However, as in this case we have a school building and an office building that serves as a central services building for the whole university (that includes more campus), we would like to calculate the maximum number of car parking using two different guidances:

  1. for the school building, the guidance for university / college;
  2. for the office building, the guidance for office buildings.
  3. for the campus as a whole, the sum of the above referred guidance’s (instead of applying the guidance for university / college for both buildings).

Is this acceptable?

Thanks in advance,