As a Mac user, I am beyond frustrated with how long it's taken USGBC to make LOv3 compatible with Safari 5.1 (and Lion, although that doesn't affect me so much).

A few months ago, I was able to download and earlier version of Safari, which allowed me full use again of LOv3. Now, all of a sudden, I get the dreaded "plug-in missing" message when I try to access a credit form in a registered project in LOv3. Of course, there's no information provided as to which plug-in is missing, and Adobe Reader doesn't really tell me which might be missing.

To make matters worse, I happened to check my Safari version only to see that it's back to the 5.1 version that LOv3 still doesn't support. When I attempt to download an earlier version of Safari, the download gets interrupted telling me I need an earlier version of Mac OS X!

Can anyone out there help me? Pretty hard to work on projects without access to the credit forms.

Thank you