All the limits on VOC content provided in the LEED reference guide (2009 edition) are minus water (g/L minus water or g/L less water).

As the VOC content within the EU is calculated with water, which limits shall be applied for products sold in the EU? Is there a document containing such limits (LEED compatible VOC limits with water) and where can this be found?

One more point:

In the LEED reference guide, 2009 edition, page 483, in table 1 the VOC limit for Low-Solids coatings is 120 g/L, in this case including water, as written in the note below.

But in table 2 there is also a limit for Low-solids coating with 120 g/L, but in this case minus water.

How can this be explained? Is there a difference between Low-Solids coatings in table 1 and 2 or is this just a mistake?

What limit can be applied for a paint for a door frame (door jamb)?