We will be submitting a LEED BD+C New Construction project with an incomplete space of 18% of the BGSF. We comply with the LEED Interpretation #10102 by being under the 40% maximum incomplete space threshold and we will comply with the other requirements outlined in the LI. This building and the incomplete space will be completed by the Owner (not a tenant). 

Does the Letter of Commitment mean that the Owner does not need to pursue registering and submitting the "incomplete space" as a separate project once it is built out? Of the rating systems, the incomplete space would most likely be an ID+C Commercial Interiors project, but if this is an Owner building and Owner shell space (incomplete space), will the full building be considered certified at the level we earn on the LEED BD+C NC project and the fit-out (once complete) will be considered part of the original certified project?