Dear all,

we have a change of ownership in our already pre-certified LEED v4 BD+C Core&Shell project.
The new owner will divide the building in three parts that are legally separated. Each of this part will have its own address, its own ventilation etc.
The final objective is to sell each of these parts separately.

Since it could happen that one part of the building is sold before the certification is completed, we are seeking for the best strategy in the project.

My questions are:

- if we attempt a single building certification as we did until now, but in the certification process there is a partial sale or transfer of one part, then we cannot certificate anymore. Right? Our owner will not be anymore the owner of the whole building and project boundary.

- Second scenario: the certification should be finished before any sale. After certifications completion, the building is sold to three different new owners. What happens the to the certification? There will be issues like metering or commissioning that will refer to a unique unit as a building after completion. In this case the legal contracts seem to be quite complicated. Could the LEED certification still be transfer to all the three new owners in case they follow the meter and commissioning requirements even if there is only one certification (one project)?

- we thought about the campus certification and then three separate Core&Shell certifications. In this case, there is the possibility to sell one part without affecting either the campus or the other two C&S or new construction certifications.

In this same case could the new owner of the one sold part of the building benefit of the master site for his own certification?

I think the best strategy is the campus approach even if the work is much more extensive and costly (energy simulations, different commissioning contracts etc.).

I would appreciate your comments and answers to my questions!

Thank you!