We have a warehouse project for which the Core&Shell will be built in a first time, and the owner will perform the fit-out himself a few years later.

The question is can we go for a LEED Core&Shell certification, although the owner will be occupying the building (therefore there will be no owner - tenant contract)?

In term of scope of work, our project fits Core&Shell, the scope includes the building Envelope but not the mechanical ventilation and water systems.

According to LEED Interpretation ID#10102, LEED projects with incomplete spaces must provide a Letter of Commitment, signed by the Owner, indicating that the remaining incomplete spaces will satisfy the requirements of each prerequisite and credit achieved by this project if and when completed by the Owner.

Would such a commitment letter be an acceptable strategy to replace the "owner - tenant" legal agreement in our case?
Would a legal contract between the owner and a subsidiary company of the owner be an acceptable strategy?

Thank you.