The AGMBC has a section titled "New Versions of LEED" that states : If the version of LEED changes (for example from LEED 2009 to future versions of LEED) all campus credits must be re-submitted for review at the expense of the project team before the campus credits may be used on projects under the new version of the rating system." Does this mean that some individual buildings may be registered under 2009 and others under v4, but all the campus wide credits will have to update to LEED v4? Or will the original campus credits for 2009 still apply to buildings under 2009, and only v4-registered projects use the campus credits submitted under v4? If all the projects have to use the LEED v4 campus credits, would we need to cross-reference the list of acceptable LEED v4 credits for substitution ( to determine which campus credits from LEED v4 would be accepted for v2009 projects?