I am doing the Energy Model for G+5 Floors Office building. The total conditioned area is 90,500 Sq ft. The project is connected with District Cooling Plant and have opted the option 1 of DES Guidance. Currently, I am doing base case energy model and my questions are provided below.

1. In Base Case, I have considered System 8 since the no of floors are higher than 5 & Non-residential. Is it correct? 


2. I have to select System 6, because of the conditioned area which is less than 1.5lakhs sq.ft.

3. I have opted the option 1 of DES Guidance.Whether I have to calculate the chilled water rate for basecase & proposed case by using energy simulation software? 

4. Airside systems only have to be modeled in both cases to calculate the chilled water. (i.e. no need to model chillers) is it correct?

5. If the answer is yes for Question 4. How I can calculate the pump energy for both cases.

6. Whether the proposed case's chilled water rate has to match with actual design rate calculated using heat load? How can I manage this with my energy simulation tool?

Kindly advice.