Hi All,

I recently received LEED construction phase comments on a LEED v4 project. I am confused and concerned about the comments and wanted to share it with the LEED experts here to understand how to go about addressing these:

1) We are pursuing Low Emitting Materials category by showing 100% compliance. The main reason is to avoid the cumbersome budget method. Here is the comment made by the LEED reviewer about that.  Why is budget calculation demanded when there is 100% product compliance.

"1. The actual volume used / surface area / cost has not been entered in the calculation for every product. Note that omitting this
data is only acceptable when 100% of the products meet the allowable VOC content and VOC emissions evaluation
Provide a revised calculation that includes the actual volume used / surface area / cost for every product. Even if documenting
100% compliance in a category, it is strongly suggested that the actual units of measure are provided to enable recalculations
by the Reviewer, if necessary, to determine compliance.

2) Some manufacturers have provided us a summary letter for VOC emission. Where they mention the CDPH std and the TVOC for applicable scenario. The reference number for the UL CDPH test report is also noted. The reviewer is calling this letter 'insufficient documentation'. 

The manufacturer would only release the complete CDPH test report if we sign an NDA, which I am not comfortable signing.

Has any one else received such comments from LEED reviewer recently. I am dissapointed to say the least.......these types of review comments will made it very difficult to pursue Low Emitting Material credit.