Im having difficulty following the LEED online Templates calculations. Has anyone noticed inconsistencies? If I purchase 24 items for $4 each (total $104) that are 10% PCR the template tells me the sustainable purchases weighted value is $104. If I change the percent PCR to 11, it appears to multiply $104 by 10 and then by 11 (for $11,440). However, if I say the PCR is 30% it just multiplies $104 by 2, for $208. Any ideas what is going on?

Additionally, my vendor is telling me LEED EB rewards items with a higher PCR than the threshold of 10%, so 30% PCR's are given double weighting. Is this correct? Perhaps this is from an older EB version?

I was under the impression that it did not matter how much over any threshold you were only that you met the minimum and the weighted approach only came into play if your item fit into more than one criteria i.e: an item having the correct thresholds for PCR and Rapidly Renewable material. Any clarification would be wonderful!