The below-mentioned contents were copied from LEED Online form. Could you explain, how the energy star values should be compared with Energy Model?

Target Finder results are intended to provide an indication of projected savings but do not affect prerequisite compliance. These values will be compared to projected savings as demonstrated by the energy model. Variances of more than 10% will be flagged and a justification narrative will be required. Use the Target Energy Performance Results calculator on the ENERGY STAR website to generate the values.

From Energy Model, we can get the following details;

A.Baseline Energy Consumption, B.Proposed Design Energy Consumption, C.Energy Savings, D.Baseline EUI, 5.Proposed Design EUI

From Energy Manager Target Finder, we can get the following details;

1.ENERGY STAR Score, 2.Energy Reduction (from Median)(%), 3.Source Energy Use Intensity (kBtu/ft²/yr), 4.Site Energy Use Intensity (kBtu/ft²/yr), 5.Source Energy Use (kBtu/yr) 6.Site Energy Use (kBtu/yr) 7. Energy Costs ($)  8.Total GHG Emissions (Metric Tons CO2e)

Also from the above, which values are to be considered to check the variances as mentioned leed online form?

Pl reply.