We are evaluating utilizing LEED O+M for Warehouses and Distribution Centers for a 1.5M sf Distribution Center where the all parties are very interested in being able to achieve a LEED rating and rating improvement over time.

The existing distribution center has an office area which is conditioned along with restroom facilities and support spaces, a shipping and receiving office, training center and small break areas with restrooms scattered throughout the building all of which are conditioned.

The actual warehouse itself is not heated or cooled (located in Fort Worth, Texas) but has a variety of ventilation strategies including:

 - Motortized louvers linked to rooftop ventilation fans along the entire length of the building with shut-offs in the event of a fire.

 - Dock doors thoughout the warehouse have manual or roll down swings to allow cross-ventilation

 - Big Ass Fans (HVLS fans) have been installed in areas where packing and other activities occur

Does this scenario qualify for the minumum program requirements for LEED O+M given the need to meet the prerequisites?