We are prospecting a development in the middle-east for LEED ND certification under V4. The project is currently in the planning phase and therefore we propose to apply for the "LEED ND Plan" certification.

Our query is whether the "LEED ND Plan" certification awarded during the design stage will be a permanent certification or not?
Is it mandatory that the project should also go for "LEED ND Built Project" certification after the completion of construction?

As per LEED ND 2009 FAQs, the project must apply for Stage 3 certification (after construction) - which will be the final permanent certification.

Does the same apply for LEED ND V4. We are not able to find any guidance on this. A LEED ND V4 FAQ or process guide (similar to the LEED ND 2009 process guide) will be of much help.

Thanks in advance