I've tried calling USGBC, who told me to email certinfo@usgbc.org. I did that a little over 2 weeks ago, and have yet to get a response. I've also tried posting a question on this page on USGBC (http://www.usgbc.org/resources/leed-2009-rating-system-selection-guidance), but also no response in over 2 weeks. So, I'm hoping maybe this is a better place to get guidance...

I am looking for clarification on a project we have in development so that we can determine our options for rating systems.

Our project is ~20k SF, residential, 5 floors total with the ground level being parking and the floors above being residential units. As I understand it, we can currently choose between the following for our project as we see fit:
- New Construction, v2009
- New Construction, v4
- LEED for Homes, Multi-Family Mid-Rise, v2010
- LEED for Homes, v4

Can someone please help confirm if the assumptions above are correct?
Thank you for your help.