Dear All,
We are working on a project located in Italy, which would pursue the LEED certification under a 2009 version and we are wondering about the most appropriate rating system to use.
The project refers to a new construction that have the following features:
• It concerns a long-term care facility for rehabilitation and senior housing services
• It will be accredited to the National Health Office
• It includes mixed use facilities supporting the main use, such as:
○ Fitness area
○ Place of Worship
○ Offices
○ Kitchen and canteen
○ Surgeries
• Rooms for patients occupy around the 50% of the GFA.

The Owner would like to pursue, for this project, LEED Italia 2009 Nuove Costruzioni e Ristrutturazioni, which is a NC rating system, not specific for Heathcare facilitities.

Could you confirm that LEED Italia fits with this project?

Thank you.
Best regards.