We just got a project here in Thailand that just started, where our client would like to achieve a LEED certification.

It's an existing resort and they want to renovate it.

When I say renovate that means: all new layout, new HVAC systems (except they have bought a new water chilled system, that feeds all resort, 2 years ago, no need to replace it), new finishing, new lighting system, new furniture. Maintain the external walls and maybe renovate the façade.

It's an area of total 30,000 m2 and 17,500 m2 (that include 1,500 m2 of roads) will be renovated in 4 different phases, one phase per year, to be completed by 2018.

Does the project fall into NC or EBOM?

Since it's a 4 phases project (Design is from March to May/ Construction is from June to September of each year, considered low season period) do I have consider this as a LEED Campus?

Please give me some advices.