Does anybody have any thoughts on certifying an existing building undergoing a major renovation as LEED NC but excluding a relatively small portion of support space that is managed by a different entity and not part of our project scope? We're renovating a three story wood frame classroom building and would prefer LEED NC but there is a data center and small central plant (not supplying our space) on the ground floor that are managed by different departments within the same university. We will not be touching them other than adding any life safety that may be required by code. The space is separately metered and represents over 60% of our peak load and 80 to 90% of our annual energy cost. It takes up about half of the ground floor area with the other half being renovated as classroom support space for our project. I see the language in MPR about the certification needing to be a building in its entirety though a vertical addition that is distinct could be considered a separate building, but it wasn't clear if the data center & central plant located in a portion of our ground floor could be considered a separate building from our classroom building. We were also considering LEED CI (again excluding data center and central plant) as we're keeping the existing walls and windows, but we're also doing some exterior work such as adding HC ramps.