I'm working on an existing assisted living facility project and am trying to figure out if we can pursue LEED NC or CI as apposed to EBOM. First off, the facility consists of two buildings (Both three levels) connected by a hallway. Building "A" consists of common areas and living units and will be the only building with additions and renovations. Building "B" is living units only and will have NO additions or renovations.

The HVAC systems for the buildings consist of through wall units for the living areas, and rooftop package units for all common areas and corridors. The extent of renovated and additions for building "A" not including HVAC is roughly 16,000/sf of a total 60,000/sf. All rooftop package units will be replaced and the common area renovations and additions will include new lighting and plumbing fixtures, walls, paint, carpet, etc...

1. Is this project suitable for NC, CI or NC Healthcare?
2. Can we certify building "A" only?

General Note: We did the registration wizard and it kept guiding us to CI. However, we weren't sure if we could include the square footage of the areas being serviced by the new rooftop units.

3. Can we include the area square footages of the new rooftop unit service areas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.