I'm new here so apologies if this question has been raised elsewhere already. Couple of queries regarding a campus gym that is freestanding on 2 sides, and connected via corridor with other buildings on the other 2 sides. Currently the gym is air-conditioned, and the intent is to add facade openings and a high volume low velocity fan to use the gym in mixed-mode.
The floor area of the gym is 1000m2 so more than the min. 93m2. Although the gym is less than 2% of the entire campus, the LEED project boundary will be defined around the gym only so it exceeds the min. 2% building to site area.

1. MPR: major facade and HVAC changes: Can this gym go for LEED new construction, given these minor facade changes and change in HVAC operation strategy?
2. MPR: project has to be a building in it's entirity: Can this gym go for LEED new construction, given that on 2 sides it's connected to another building via a corridor?