I have been recently told that I need more proof on the distance of the Steel Mill to the job site to justify regional materials.

I submitted the Mill Certs which list the Steel Mill name and location. I mapped this location to the Job site to compile my mileage. Now the A/E is asking for actual screen shots of each Mill Location to the Job Site and Each Extraction Point to the job site Pictured on a map for proof. I feel this is pretty ridiculous if you already have the addresses.

Also, we are asked to complete the LEED PRoduct Data Sheets with all information. Then also asked for this map, and also asked to get a letter for the particular job site from each Mill showing recycled content and Extraction locations. I feel like LEED is just getting out of control on documentation. This has taken me weeks to put all of this together for 1 job and I have 4 LEED jobs currently on my desk. Someone please tell me all of this is truly not necessary. Its like pulling teeth to get these letters from the MILL