Please advise whether you think LEED-CS is the appropriate rating system
for the project, giving the following:
- The project involves converting an existing 2-story warehouse
into condos. We're renovating the core and shell, and fitting out only
the elevator lobbies and 1 model unit.
- The other condos will be built as they are sold. So, we do
not have control of the design of those units.
- Less than 40% of the gross floor area will have finishes or
- So, the building has only 2 stories, both above grade. There
will also been an occupied roof garden (without walls).

It sounds like it would be eligible for LEED-CS, except for the fact that it's under 2 stories.

Or, would it fit into LEED for Homes? And if so, can a LEED Accredited Architect register the project, or does it have to be a Green Rater?