Hi there,

I have been digging the web lately without much luck about the LEED cost topic. I have been using the Cost of LEED guide. Still, I am concerned the costs are not extrapolated to the European market and, furthermore this tool does not allow for a more preliminary analysis, which is what I am looking for.

I was wondering if any of you have faced this issue in the past and could share a method, tool, key questions, or recommendations on how to perform this assessment/calculation. The situation is as follows, I am working on a project that is originally meant to be a LEED CS Platinum certification, but the client is now asking to reduce the budget and cut down the cost. My position is that many credits in the LEED CS gold category are natural from the site and many of the credits do not represent an added cost since the local regulations are not far from LEED standards. This situation changes for LEED platinum category, where credits such as enhanced commissioning, rainwater management, daylight, renewable energy production, LCA, and optimized energy performance have to be aim to the maximum number of points. These credits are exclusively for LEED compliance but are not part of the local regulations or natural to the site, and therefore represent the highest added cost, furthermore, they are generally expensive credits to meet. I am not considering the soft cost or fees as critical, but the actual cost of these measures.

That said, any help on this topic will be very much appreciated.