Dear all,

our LEED v3 Core & Shell project is  a mixed use project with retail and hotel part. The building is a part of a bigger shopping mall and business complex. The parking garage has two basement floors, which is also part of the parking garage of the whole complex. The LEED project bpoundary is clearly defined. In basement 1, there are 68 parking spaces which are accessible only for the hotel guests. And the elevators are only going to the hotel part of the building. The majority of the parking spaces (153) are located in basement 2 and are accessible to all employees and visitors. So, we placed the preferred parking spaces in basement 2, next to the elevators. Our question is now, if this approach is in accordance to LEED Interpretation #10202 from April 2012? In our opinion it is, because the majority of the building occupants benefir from the choosen preferred parking spaces.

Thank you very much for your help!