Hi Everyone, 

My company is based out of San Diego and is working with asphalt manufacturers to use waste plastics as a partial oil replacement in asphalt. We divert plastics that are destined for landfills, process them and combine them with a proprietary "activator" so that they can be used to replace 10% (on average) of the oil in asphalt roads and parking lots. It is my hopes that by reducing our use of natural resources (asphalt oil), diverting waste plastics from landfills, reducing carbon emissions and providing a stronger, longer lasting product we will be able to help buildings gain LEED Credits by using this asphalt in their parking lots and roadways. 

I'm not quite sure as to how I would go about finding this out. Is there a product qualification that I can submit? Is there a particular department within the USGBC or LEED that handles this?  

Very grateful for any help!!!!


Chris Sparks