Hypothetically speaking, once building certification is approved upon final construction submittal/approval, what happens if the owner wants to change something? For instance, what if the owner finds that designated car pool spots are never used, can the owner remove them down the line? The project will have received credits for originally designating such parking. What if removing those credit points still would have meant that the building attained LEED, does it matter? How is the process of commitment followed once LEED is attained?

Along the same line of questioning, Regarding 2 phase submittal (Design & Construction): what happens if during construction, the design changes slightly, for instance, what if the designated parking spots are located elsewhere because the parking lot is determined to be striped differently? Design changes must happen during construction that could impact a previously anticipated credit that was submitted during Design Review. How does LEED address changes that occur during construction? Would we submit such revisions at Construction Review, thus the credit is reviewed again?