I am doing the energy simulation for LEED CI v4 Rating. There are 5 buildings named as Block 1,2,3,4&5 in the site and all buildings are conditioned by the centralized air cooled chiller plant which is also located inside the site.
Tenant spaces /project spaces are located in the 2nd floor and 3rd floor of block 4. 2nd floor and 3rd floor are conditioned by AHU 2A and AHU 3A respectively. 18% of 2nd floor and 40% of 3rd floor is coming under project space.
My questions are

Proposed case:
1. U values of wall, roof, floor and glazing, shgc are considered as built. Is this correct?
2. AHU's are located at roof and connected with fan powered vav. Fan is available in AHU and also in fan powered vav. Which fan power has to be included in model? AHU fan or vav' fan or both.
3. Whether whole floor has to be modeled? Since the AHU serving the whole floor.
4.how the capacity of chiller , pump power to be considered with respect to project space.

1.U value of wall, roof, floor and glazing are considered as per ashrae standard rather than existing u values. Is this correct?
2. LPD of interior lighting has considered as per ashrae LPD. Is this correct.
3. Cooling and heating capacities are autosized as 1.15 & 1.25 respectively. Is this correct?
4. Base case fan power has considered as per ashrae standard. Is this correct?
5. System 6 has considered baseline HVAC system. Since the no of floor is less than 5 and total conditioned area is less than 1.5 lakhs sq.ft. is this correct.
I am waiting for your reply