I am doing Energy Model for LEED CI Project under V3 2009 Rating System. The project is G+M+3 Floors. Our tenant spaces are located in 1st Floor. Tenant’s spaces are conditioned by packaged unit. Cooling capacities, air flow of FCU’s and lighting design are modified as per the tenant’s advice. Tenant level energy simulation has completed considering Appendix G. Here, I have modeled GF, MF, other than tenant spaces of 1st floor, 2nd floor & 3rd floor as simple box to get an impact as built.
Please help me by answering the questions.

1. In Baseline Energy Model, I have considered System 6 – Packaged VAV. Since, the total floor is 5 (G+M+3) and the conditioned areas is less than 150,000 Sq.ft. Shall I use G3.1.1A Table to determine the base case HVAC System?
2. In Baseline, I have modeled Heating capacity as 1.25% and cooling capacity as 1.15%. Is this correct?
3. In Baseline, the supply air is auto sized as per Appendix G. Is this correct.
4. In Baseline, the Envelopes are considered as per Existing design and the same has been considered in Proposed Case. Is this correct.
5. In Proposed case, the cooling capacity, supply air and lighting power density are considered as per the latest design documents. Is this correct?
6. Service hot water is not used in the project. So I have not considered this in energy end use. Is this ok or need to consider?
7. Whether Energy Model to be considered only for CI-2009 EAc1.3: Optimize Energy Performance—HVAC. If yes, how the points will be allocated to the project.
8. How the points are determined using ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Point Scale for LEED-CI v2009 Tenant-Level Energy Models.pdf. Because, we are getting 13% savings only from tenant level Energy Model and I am not find any points under EAc 1.3. As per the guideline (ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Point Scale for LEED-CI v2009 Tenant-Level Energy Models.pdf), our project is able to meet EA Credit 1.1 to 1.2: Optimize Energy Performance (6 points for 13%). Then how to meet other credits i.e. EA c 1.3 & 1.4.