I'm working on the new factory construction project which is pursuing to achieve LEED CI.
Our new factory building will be constructed by government (only for base building) and interior construcion will be performed by us.
We will lease, use and control entire building after construction so we are considering LEED CI during our design development.
However I found below statements during the review of "Rating System Selection Guidance" regarding LEED CI.

If the following two statements describe the project, then a New Construction and Major Renovation rating system should be used;
1)the entity conducting the work leases OR owns and controls 90% or more of the building that the space is located in
2)the same entity is conducting new construction and major renovation in 40% or more of the gross floor area of the building

I really concern whether we need to change the rating system from CI to NC since we already got an approval of the schematic design at this moment.
I raised my question to the GBCI but could not get any confirmation or exact answer.
Could you please give me an advice on this?