CI requires a minimum 250 SF to be renovated. We meet that, however, the space is two floors totaling 50,000 SF and she only wants to modify 7,000 SF, and wants the whole two floors (50,000 SF) to be certified CI. The TI SCOPE DOES NOT include any HVAC or Plumbing changes. Basically, the TI includes removing two small walls in one part of the space, removing 300 SF of carpet and replacing it with VCT in another part (away from the wall removal), adding some minimal lighting in a few other sections, and removing and adding a few cubicles of modular furniture in yet another part of the space. All areas are pretty much separated from each other, yet the client wants the whole two floors certified. Is this still eligible for LEED CI? If so, will the project be exempt from having to meet WEp1 and EAp1,2,3 for plumbing and mechanical requirements/prerequsites? In other words, if she does not upgrade those areas, will she lose the certification because the prerequisites will not be met? As they are NOT in the TI SCOPE, can she get around them, or is she forced to now include that work in the scope because the toilets, for example, that the tenant on the floor will use, are within the actual space but not part of the construction scope? The whole building was constructed in 2004. What this means is she could just change 250 SF of each of the 250,000 SF floors in the eleven story building, and eventually get CI for the whole building. Does this make sense?

I really appreciate your time in helping to clarify this for me.