Just curious about a few things.

1) Why three posts in a row today from 3 people about the challenges of using LEED in China? Did something happen to drive this sudden interest?

2) It seems like these posts are suggestions to try and change LEED for use in China. If so they are misdirected. This website has no influence in changine LEED. You should direct your comments towards www.usgbc.org. And it may be difficult. They usually only accept comments for 45 days out of every 3 years regarding suggested changes to LEED. I submitted 10 suggested changes during the LEED-2009 review process and was not successful in changing LEED on any of them.

3) USGBC is the UNITED STATES Green Building Council. I'm not surprised a system (LEED) designed for use in the US has issues when applied to other countries. I have heard of other countries adopting the LEED rating system for use in their countries. There's the Indian Green Building Council, Canadian Green Building Council, Green Building Council Brazil, and about a dozen others. If your group is so passionate about this you could start the China Green Building Council. Then make a LEED-China rating system that works in China.

4) I agree the Refernce Guide needs more detailed guidance and instruction about many credits. That is why some entrepreneurs started this website to help fill a need. If you have a question about WEc1 try looking it up on this site. If that doesn't help then ask for help. Someone usually responds.