Dear All,

we were contacted to make a commercial proposal for the LEED certification of 3 interdependent buildings located in the same campus:

  • large office building;
  • medium size canteen building (where the canteen that serves the office building is located);
  • very small reception building (located in the campus entrance and exclusively used by the safety staff that controls car access to the campus).

This 3 buildings are physically independent, only connecting by outdoor spaces (car parking’s and open space). However, they have a strong programmatic dependency (the large office building can not work without the other two and the existence of the smaller buildings – reception and canteen – only justifies because they serve the large building).

The question is: can we certify the 3 above referred buildings as a single building (because of their programmatic dependency or shall we use one of the approaches described by LEED for buildings inside a campus (group approach or campus approach) ?

Thanks in advance,