Dear LEEDUser community,

I have a question about a project we are working on, that is considering registering a Master Site under Campus approach with two buildings on site that shall aim at individual LEEDv4 NC certifications.

One sentence in the Campus guidance is not easy for me to interprete in terms of schedule: "Individual and group projects can claim a campus credit only if the infrastructure/capacity documented in the master site will be complete by the time each LEED project claiming that capacity has accepted LEED Certification."

Does this mean that infrastructure of the Master Site (green spaces, rainwater management strategies, green vehicles charging stations,...) must be installed (construction completed) at the moment of individual buildings certification submission? Or does this mean the design of these items must be completed the same way individual buildings design credits must be completed?

In this case, it is very sensitive in terms of schedule because one of the buildings will be completed soon, before part of the exterior spaces. The site is an industrial site with offices and R&D building. 

Secondly, the site is kind of "cut in two part". One part, with office and R&D buildings, will be very green and is totally LEED oriented. The other half is more industrial and is like a different project. The whole site is managed by the same owner though. Our idea was to register a master site under campus approach for the half with office and R&D. Do you think this is acceptable?

Thank you very much for your help,