We have a new 609,000 sf building seeking LEED BD+C v4 certification. A new 1800 space parking garage will be built design-build as part of the project but by separate designer, same CM.  The garage is seeking Parksmart certification. Parksmart allows award of some credits as a result of the main building LEED certification but to do that requires the main project's LEED boundary to include the garage.  My question is if we do that does the garage affect the main building credits?  In other wordfs do the garage materials , construction waste management, energy performance, cost, etc. get included with the main building's documentation?  (Including the energy performance, for instance, doesn't seem to make sense; the buildings are totally different animals).  A complicating factor is that the long-term bycycle storage is in the garage, the garage provides shaded parking, etc., and the garage is shared with other campus properties.