One of our clients is starting a major refurbishment of an office building. Main characteristics of this operation are:

  1. Building Owner: the client itself;
  2. Building occupancy: client staff (almost 100% of the building – only a tenancy area is foreseen: small bar/cafeteria);
  3. Main building use: offices;
  4. GFA: around 10.000 m2;
  5. Area included in the refurbishment operation: around 9.000 m2;
  6. Interventions included in the refurbishment operation:
    1. interior fit-out: partitions and ceilings (almost all spaces);
    2. lighting system;
    3. fan-coils, air-handling units, pipes and accessories;
    4. chiller (replacement of one of the two chillers actually installed);
    5. under evaluation: façade refurbishment (can include the replacement of actual glazing and/or application of shading devices).

The question is: which LEED rating system is more appropriate for this intervention: LEED BD+C: New Construction and Major Renovation or LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors ?

Thanks in advance,