Hi All,

We have a LEEDv4 new contraction project that will be 50% fit up, 50% empty/core&shell. All same owner, 2nd floor will just be left vacant until the owner decided to develop. Could be several months, could be several years. Main floor will be a daycare, with parking and play ground etc to accompany the project. 2nd floor will one day either be an extension of the daycare, office space, or classroom space (day care is on a university campus). I was leaning toward BD+C since it's 50/50 but now I'm wondering if ID+C is the right choice for just the main floor fit up. Although I also think that separating the materials during construction could be a bit of a pain but doable. In terms of BD+C OR C+S I am thinking that daylight and views would also be complicated by either selection. Help?