Hi - I'm not exactly sure where to post these two very general questions, so thought I would put it here.  

1) I took my LEED AP exam way back in 2004 when I was a HVAC designer, and when USGBC came out with all the newer LEED AP specialties, I understood that I was 'grandfathered' in but was encouraged to take the exam again. So, I went the lazy route and did not retake the test.  Is there anything I need to do regularly to upkeep my LEED AP status? 

2) I have been working in building commissioning for 6-8 years now, so have mainly only worked on LEED commissioning and energy credits. I recently got approached to take over the LEED consulting role on a TI project...and I'm trying to determine if there are any "LEED AP" requirements for the LEED consultant. Can anyone provide any insights on if there are specific requirements within LEED related to who can be the "LEED Consultant"?