So I have a room of 300SF with a window area (above the 30"zone) of
56 SF and a Tvis of .69 (from the window manufacturer). Basically when I complete the calculation in a LEED v2.2 sample calculator, the space passes the test. When I calculate the same information in the LEED 2009 version, it does not pass the .150 to .180 test. The window covers one wall of the 300SF space from 2'6" to 10' height above finished floor. There is nothing special about how the window is headheight adjustment. In general, it seems as if this room would comply with the .150 to .180 test???? Any thought as to what I am overlooking in the calculation??? I have been researching all day and I can't figure out what my problem is.....a headache is building....HELP!