Hi everyone,
We have a multifamily project with more than 100 units, and we have a doubt regarding the kitchen exhaust requirement for LEED. According to table 6-4 in ASHRAE 62.1 2010 the kitchens need an exhaust of 50 or 100 cfm regardless of if the range is electric or uses gas. However, section 5.6 allows to use recirculating hoods if there is non-combustion equipment, and the recirculating hood is designed to discharge indoors.
“5.6 Local Capture of Contaminants. The discharge from non-combustion equipment that captures the contaminants generated by the equipment shall be ducted directly to the outdoors.
Exception: Equipment specifically designed for discharge indoors in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.”

Also, there is an ASHRAE interpretation (62.1 2010-9), where ASHRAE rules in item 1 that it is feasible to discharge indoors if allowed by the manufacturer when the space has an electric stove.
So, my question is: if the project has electric stoves, is it valid to use recirculating hoods in the kitchen to meet the LEED IQp1? 
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