I am looking for some answers regarding a K-12 Project we are submitting to LEED that involves certifying the ADDITIONS ONLY to two separate buildings on a shared campus site. We already have both school buildings registered on LEED Online with two separate Project ID's under LEED for Schools 2.0 and we are referencing the LEED AGMBC 2005 for the project so we can certify the building additions for the two separate schools separately instead of as a group of buildings receiving one certification.
I had a few questions regarding the proper way to submit these buildings through LEED online. We would like to ensure we are able to benefit from the Sustainable Sites credits (along with some select other credits) being applied to both projects since we designed the site elements (parking, community connectivity, etc.) using a holistic campus design approach. I am a LEED AP who is new to the AGMBC process and would like some suggestions and explanation regarding how to go about submitting the site credits for a shared campus under the AGMBC submission process. Another LEED AP I know suggested that we submit the Middle School first with all the SS credit material and just note in the templates for each credit that we are seeking approval for these credits as "shared campus credits". Then following certification of the first building we should submit the second building and note in the templates that the credits for the SS categories were already reviewed and approved under the Middle School's Project ID. Is this the correct approach to this unique situation under the AGMBC 2005 guidelines?
Are there any other things we should be making sure we do during the submission process to ensure that it's easily understood by the reviewers and we can submit everything correctly the first time? Please let me know!