From the USGBC:
TO: All Registered non-certified LEED-CS v2.0 projects

Be aware of the following update to the submittal documentation for LEED-CS v2.0 EAc1.

As a result of a LEED Credit Interpretation Request to clarify the requirements of LEED-CS v2.0 Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1, Optimize Energy Performance, the documentation requirements for demonstrating point achievement of EAc1 have been updated. Project teams are now required to document energy cost savings associated with LEED-CS v2.0 projects as both a percentage of core and shell energy cost and as a percentage of whole building energy cost. A new Excel spreadsheet tool is available for EA Credit 1 that calculates energy cost savings based on the scope of work of the project developer. This update was posted on 3/12/2010, is in effect immediately, and can be applied toward any LEED-CSv2.0 project registered prior to April 24, 2009.

For more information visit this link:
For access to the associated Excel spreadsheet tool visit this link:

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