Hi you all,

We have a project which is going to pursue both LEED and BREEAM ES cetifications (BREEAM ES as the spanish adaptation for BREEAM). There are some credits which are almost the same, but some of them are slightly different. We would like to make it easier for our client, and not to specify different criterions for both certifications.
And here is the point in the materials category:
- For BREEAM , ISO 14024 Type I ecolabels (Examples of ecolabel programs: http://www.greenspec.co.uk/ecolabels/) are accepted and contribute towards the credit, but I don't see that for LEED. Anyone knows wheter they may comply under any USGBC approved program?
- Since this type of ecolabel complies with ISO 14024, but it is not listed in the aproved estandards for both EPD or Product- specific declaration: ISO 14025, 14040, 14044, and EN 15804 or ISO 21930, nevertheless I was wondering if this ecolabel may fall under Product Specific since is third party verified and according to ISO (ww.iso.org) the principles of this standard include the following stipulations :
• voluntary
• Compliance with environmentaland other relevant legislation isrequired
• The whole product life cycle must be taken into considerationwhen setting product environmental criteria, e.g. extraction of resources, manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal relating to relevant cross-media environmental indicators.
• Product environmental criteria need to be established to differentiate
environmentally preferableproducts from others in the product category when these differences are significant

Thanks a lot for your help,