Hi everyone! 

We are working on a LEED BD+C NC2009 certification of a project based in Buenos Aires. Our client owns an off-site renewable energy plant. This facility doesn't own Green-e certification. Is there any other certification system available for latam? Is there any way we can count this facility's energy to comply with this credit? What documentation should be presented to achieve this credit?

On Guide, we found the following information: "If renewable energy is not Green-e certified, establish that it is equivalent for the 2 major criteria for Green-e certification: (1) the energy source meets the requirements for renewable resources detailed in the current version of the Green-e standard, and (2) the renewable energy supplier undergone an independant, third-party verification that the standard has been met" So, how we can demonstrate (1) being achieved? Do you know any third-party verification we can use in Argentina?