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I got the following comment from the LEED reviewer.
Based on the Energy Simulation Report (Annexure-1), it appears that interior lighting savings are being taken for credit in the apartment units.

Because these spaces include living quarters, sleeping areas, cooking, and sanitation within a single unit, they meet the ASHRAE definition of a "dwelling unit." Per Section 9.1 Exception (b), lighting within dwelling units is not regulated by ASHRAE 90.1 and any savings associated with permanently installed lighting in dwelling units must be claimed using an Exceptional Calculation Method. A narrative should accompany all Baseline and Proposed case assumptions included for this measure as well as the calculation methodology used to determine the projected savings. The narrative and energy savings should be reported separately from the other efficiency measures in Section 1.7 - Table EAp2-7. The Baseline case description should verify that the efficiency measure is not standard practice for a similar newly constructed facility by referencing a recently published document (published within five years of the project registration date), utility program that incentivizes the equipment installed, or by documenting systems used to perform the same function in other newly constructed facilities (three facilities built within the past five years of the project registration date). Savings associated with the proposed case measure should also be justified with published or monitored data.

The Energy Star Multifamily High Rise Program Simulation Guidelines (Energy Star MFHRP, Version 1.0, Revision 02, September 2013) are an acceptable methodology for documenting savings for space lighting within the dwelling units. The project team may also refer to LEED Interpretation 5253 for additional guidance.
I have prepared few cases to clear my doubts.

Case 1- I have gone through the LEED interpretation 5253 but I am not getting the same exactly. As per the MFHRP can we model the baseline lpd 1.1 w/sqft ? And for proposed we want to target savings inside the dwelling units then can we target savings through tenant sales or lease agreements. Is this enough to show savings? Also we need to do exceptional calculation method for this, so do we need to model these lpd in energy models too? And then should we take the consumption number from the output results and fill the exceptional calculator in leed form?

Case 2 - If above method is not acceptable then we need to model same lpd which is 1.1 w/sqft inside the dwelling unit in baseline and proposed case.
Then should we model these as process energy in both cases? Then is this will be count in 25% receptacle load?

Case 3 - Or should we model these as lighting load only and exclude the consumption while calculating final savings?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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